Do 30 Minute Workouts Really Work?


BOARD30 30 minute workouts


When most of today’s media is showing us toned-chiseled athletes and stars working out for long periods of time, drenched in sweat, and loving life it can be hard to imagine we can keep up. In our lives we have jobs, families, and so much more that needs our focus and time, we can’t fathom spending hours at the gym every day. Yet the idea of only needing 30 minutes to get in a real workout routine seems too good to be true after being told all this time it would take so much more. It can’t be true right?

Well it is! As we learn more about our bodies, fitness advances and we find that better ways to exercise and train are possible. Welcome HIIT style training and the BOARD30 classes. With the right style of movements and intensity your body can get the workout it needs in just 30 minutes each day! Let us break down the benefits for you.


Health Benefits


Studies have shown that even just a 4-minute walk each day can increase your cardiometabolic health, HIIT style routines take that to the next level. By giving it your all in an intense burst of exercise for a short period of time, they allow you to keep your heart rate up during the entire exercise. A short high intensity workout will ask your body for oxygen during recovery post-exercise, this and your increased heart rate will help aid in burning fat and calories, and even help boost your metabolism. Working out even for a short period can help you gain better control of your blood sugar levels, and the short time frame won’t leave you feeling as exhausted or overwhelmed afterwards helping to better control your post workout appetite. Studies have also shown mental focus increases after even just 10 minutes of intense exercise, making it a great way to clear your mind and lighten your load. One study even found short bursts of intense exercise can help increase memory in older adults.


Physical Benefits


The health benefits of a quick 30-minute exercise are great but the physical benefits are really the icing on the cake. With the right diet, short workouts can lead to weight loss and even muscle gain. HIIT routines can be great for toning and gaining muscle. You can focus on some great isolation exercises and use your bodyweight to get the most out of your routine. Short routines are also perfect for getting in your cardio and getting moving.


30 At BOARD30


At BOARD30 we have a lot of shorter style class options. We know that your days are busy but it’s important to still take care of yourself and make the most of each class. Most of our classes follow a 30-minute interval structure meaning by the time we get started and clean up they’ll run just a little longer. We also offer some longer classes for those who like a little bit more. Our innovative routines combine HIIT style training with resistance bands to get you the best total body workout in a quick and efficient manner. We have a variety of classes and work with every level from beginner to advanced.

HIIT routines are revolutionizing the way we think about fitness and BOARD30 is going above and beyond to bring you the best of these routines! Join us for a class today or check out our schedule and website for more information!