Our Favorite Fitness Affirmations

be kind written in a note book in gold lettering

Affirmations may seem like a new fad, but they’ve been used for generations to help motivate and manifest good things. While daily general affirmations may be more common, fitness affirmations can be just as helpful! BOARD30 has put together a list of our favorite fitness affirmations to help you stay motivated and manifest good health. 


Our Favorite Fitness Affirmations


Pre-Workout Affirmations


Repeating affirmations pre-workout can help get your mind and body in the right space. It can set the tone for your workout and help you stay focused on your goals. There is no better time to manifest a good workout than right before getting started. Here are some of our favorite pre-workout affirmations. 


 – My body craves exercise, and I give it what it wants.

 – Everything I put out, I gain tenfold.

 – Healthy living is a choice I make for whole body wellbeing

 – My body is strong, and I am capable of so much more than I know.

 – I care for my body, and it cares for me in return.

 – I am committed to my body and my health.

 – Show up for your body and treat it with kindness.

 – Today I will listen to my body and give it all it needs.


Workout Affirmations


Setting the tone for your workout before it gets started can make a huge difference. While motivating yourself during the workout, can be even better. It can keep you motivated during tough routines and remind you why you are here. Checkout some of our favorite workout affirmations.


 – My body is strong and capable.

 – I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

 – I show up for me because I am worth it.

 – My body is powerful.

 – I can do hard things. 

 – My body grows stronger every day.

 – I can. I will. 

 – I’m thankful for my body and all it allows me to accomplish.


Post Workout Affirmations


While you may have already accomplished the task at hand, post workout affirmations can keep you focused and confirm your goals. It can leave you feeling satisfied with your workout and your body. Take some time to decompress after your workout and try out some of these affirmations. 


 – I accomplished all of my fitness goals. 

 – My body feels great after exercise.

 – I have accomplished my goals and I feel achieved. 

 – Every move I make makes me stronger, happier, and healthier.

 – I love myself fully, completely and unconditionally.

 – I am grateful for my body and all it provides. 

 – My body and I are incredible. 

 – I am resilient and strong.

 – I have provided for my body, and now I will rest. 


Keep yourself motivated and feeling good about working out with a few fitness affirmations! For more tips on whole body fitness check out our BOARD30 blog and join us for a class!