Find the Right Workout for You

BOARD30 is an innovative workout experience that weaves together strength training, yoga, barre, pilates, and cardio. It’s a program for all fitness levels and abilities, and it engages the entire body to work to rebuild and repair your muscles and ligaments. At BOARD30 Arvada we offer this innovative system in a variety of forms to fit your needs and style.

BOARD Classes

We offer two versions of our classic HIIT training class. The first is Body BOARD a 30-minute session that applies all the fitness aspects mentioned above to with multiple angles and levels of resistance bands to gain strength, mobility, balance and improve endurance. This class is set to some awesome music and offers modifications for all levels of fitness. The second is our Intro. To Body BOARD, also a 30-minute session this class focus on all the same techniques as the first but is geared towards those just starting out!

Fast Paced

If you are looking for something a little more fast paced and challenging, then our Barre class is for you! Barre here at BOARD30 combines the best of barre and the Body BOARD classes for an energetic and challenging 30 minutes! You may also like our Fast and Furious class. Fast and Furious is a quick 22-minute session focused on strength and cardio using multiple angles and resistance.


If you are looking for classes to help with your balance and flexibility, we have two great options! BOARD30 Active Agers is 30 minutes of flowing movement working on form, balance, strength, and muscle lengthening. It is gentle on joints and our most recommended class for studio first timers! Restore and Sculpt is a slower paced setting working to increase joint circulation, increase your energy flow, and reduce stress and anxiety.

All classes offer a great workout in an even better atmosphere! We cannot wait to see you in our next class, for any questions or to book a class for free check out our website, or call 303-214-5308!