How Resistance Bands Prevent Injury

BOARD30 Arvada stretch

The BOARD30 system is founded upon using resistance bands and movement to make exercise accessible for all fitness levels. Our high energy experience works the whole body in a low impact manner. The resistance bands help us create a system for all levels that can lower the risk of exercise related injury. Resistance bands prevent injury in many ways. 


How Resistance Bands Prevent Injury


One of the major benefits of resistance bands is that they are easy for anyone to use. Unlike conventional weights, they offer a give and take. They only allow you to work muscles at a weight and resistance level that best fits your body without the extra strain and tension. Resistance bands can easily target isolated muscles that can’t always be done with regular weights. This helps strengthen muscles and prevent future injury. Bands help increase the blood’s circulation and are easy on joints. They help people of all fitness levels find a safe way to work out, without compromising joints, muscles, tendons, or bones. 


Other Benefits of Resistance Bands


Resistance bands are not only safer and easier to use, but they offer a lot of other great benefits too. They can add a lot of diversity to your workout. Bands can be used in nearly any exercise to enhance or change the difficult level. Bicep curls can become harder by changing your stance in which you hold down the band. They can be moved in any direction helping increase flexibility and muscle strength. It is also easy to store and travel with resistance bands. Our studio is able to provide a wide variety of class types because bands are so versatile and easy to keep. Bands can also easily be packed and stored to get in a workout while you are away from home. Most importantly bands come in a variety of sizes and resistances allowing for athletes of all levels to safely and conveniently workout. 


Get the most out of your workout with resistance bands and stay safe during your workout. Checkout the BOARD30 program and learn more about how resistance bands help enhance our classes.