Benefits of Resistance Band Training

resistance bands

At BOARD30 we use a unique blend of studio equipment and resistance bands to bring you a high energy, low impact, mind-body, complete workout. For many though the idea of resistance bands is new or something they are unfamiliar with. At BOARD30 we love resistance bands! They are a huge part of our innovative routines and it’s all because of the amazing benefits they offer. Resistance bands are great for all our clients and add so much to their workouts.


Resistance bands can be used for all different kinds of stretches and workouts. At BOARD30 we use them in high intensity classes like our traditional BOARD Class and low impact classes like yoga. Bands can be used in to help you increase control over difficult workouts or to adapt the level of a difficult workout to meet your needs.


As the fitness industry expands, we learn more, including more about the importance of stretching, especially post workout. Resistance bands can help you perform more difficult stretches as you increase your mobility and modify hard stretches when you are first starting out. Bands can help you safely increase your mobility and improve your stretching techniques.

Joint Ease

Unlike free weights and other traditional gym equipment, bands don’t depend on gravity helping to reduce the joint compression and making them joint friendly. The reduced amount of compression helps to prevent long term injuries. The versatility and adaptability of bands also allows for a larger variation in movements and less of the same repetitive routines. Too much repetition can be hard on those with damaged joints, but resistance bands allow for a variety of movements.

Something for Everyone

As we mentioned above resistance band are versatile! They can be tailored to fit any routine whether beginner or professional. Bands can be used to help stretch and recover muscles or build and tone muscle. Different bands can be used based on the level of resistance you desire or length of stretch. At BOARD30 our instructors and professionals can help guide you through each class and workout to find the routine that works best for you. We will guide you through working with bands for the first time if you are new and help you to feel comfortable, so you get the most out of your routine!

At BOARD30 we really believe our resistance bands make all the difference and we can’t wait for you to join us to see why! To learn more or to check out our class schedule visit our website or call 904-834-2058.