BOARD30 Mini Wins Popsugar Fitness Award

Woman using BOARD30 Mini at home system in her livingroom

Popsugar is a media company dedicated to bringing its consumers the best moments, news, tips and more. They cover everything from entertainment, fashion, beauty, food, and of course fitness. They recently released their 2021 Popsugar Fitness Awards including BOARD30 Mini.


BOARD30 Popsugar Fitness Award


The 2021 Popsugar Award for Best Home Pilates Equipment went to the BOARD30 Mini system. They say “(BOARD30 MINI) gives you a full-body workout (complete with multiple settings for resistance bands) that’s reminiscent of Pilates reformer machines. Connecting with the Board30 app gives you hundreds of trainer-led classes to follow along with.” The system is small and can fit under a coach or coffee table for discrete storage. 


What is the BOARD30 Mini?


The BOARD30 mini brings all the benefits of a BOARD30 class into your home. Resistance bands allow for cardio, yoga, Pilates and other workouts. The board is small and can easily be stored away. Our video library contains a wide range of options for you to customize your workout. The BOARD30 Mini allows for workout at home, on the go, and more. Checkout our website to see our full program or order a BOARD30 Mini for yourself!