BOARD30 Favorite: Cinco de Mayo Sweet Potato Nachos

sweet potato rounds sliced and ready for sweet potato nachos

Cinco de Mayo is a fun holiday for all to celebrate, but doing so the healthy way can be difficult. This classic with a twist is a great way to get in all the flavors of the day without overdoing it. Easy to make healthy Cinco de Mayo nachos are the perfect recipe for the…

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Summertime Berry Nice Cream

berry ice cream in glass dish on marble surface perfect for summertime

As the days grow warmer and the sunshines brighter nothing sounds better than an ice cold ice cream cone. It fulfills our sweet tooth and leaves us feeling cool. Unfortunately, ice cream isn’t the healthiest option and consuming it frequently can be the opposite of healthy. That’s why we are sharing this healthy and delicious…

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Our Favorite Fitness Affirmations

be kind written in a note book in gold lettering

Affirmations may seem like a new fad, but they’ve been used for generations to help motivate and manifest good things. While daily general affirmations may be more common, fitness affirmations can be just as helpful! BOARD30 has put together a list of our favorite fitness affirmations to help you stay motivated and manifest good health. …

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BOARD30 Favorite: Avocado Chocolate Pudding

  BOARD30 is so excited to share one of our favorite heart healthy recipes with you for American Heart Health month. This recipe Avocado Chocolate Pudding comes to us from one of our own clients. Shelley Rael, RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist. We love her cookbook, it’s full of healthy and tasty recipes we…

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BOARD30 Favorites: Fitness Gifts

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it the gift giving season. We know it can be hard to find just the right gift for all the people in your life. At BOARD30 we want to help you find just the right fitness gift for the fitness lover in your life.    BOARD30 Favorite:…

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BOARD30 Favorite: Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes

stack of pumpkin spice protein pancakes on a plate next to a glass of milk

The BOARD30 program is all about total health, including nutrition. Nutrition plays a key role in living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Healthy eating is often associated with little flavor and boring meals but, we know healthy nutrition doesn’t have sacrifice flavor. All your favorite fall flavors can be found in healthy nutritional forms. From…

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BOARD30 Mini Wins Popsugar Fitness Award

Woman using BOARD30 Mini at home system in her livingroom

Popsugar is a media company dedicated to bringing its consumers the best moments, news, tips and more. They cover everything from entertainment, fashion, beauty, food, and of course fitness. They recently released their 2021 Popsugar Fitness Awards including BOARD30 Mini.   BOARD30 Popsugar Fitness Award   The 2021 Popsugar Award for Best Home Pilates Equipment…

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Our Favorite Fitness Amazon Finds

piles of amazon boxes in front of door

It’s no secret that many struggle with their health and fitness. At BOARD30 we strive to make your fitness journey a whole-body experience. Our goal is for you to make this a lifestyle change and to truly enjoy this journey. But we also know that having the right gear can make the journey easier too.…

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