The BOARD30 Arvada Gym Experience

group of people wearing black workout clothes using resistance bands at BOARD30

We are all looking for the perfect gym to call home. But the whole experience of a gym can be overwhelming. What machine do you use next? What exercise should you do next? How do you work on a specific body part? It can all be very overwhelming. That’s why the BOARD30 experience takes the guesswork out of the gym experience. 


The BOARD30 Experience


Expert Trainers


The BOARD30 staff is made up of expert fitness professionals. Their goal is to help each, and every client get the most out of their gym experience. BOARD30 trainers are here to help with advice on nutrition, fitness and more to make the most of your time here. 


Class Variety


BOARD30 offers a variety of classes led by the above professionals. Each class works to target your whole body, giving you a complete workout. From cardio to Pilates we offer a variety of options for all abilities. Each of our classes can be adjusted for any ability or skill level. We take the guesswork out of fitness by leading you in an expertly planned exercise. 




BOARD30 prides themselves on being a place for all to work out. Our bands and boards make working out easier for those with arthritis, limited mobility, and more. From beginners to athletes our program can help increase mobility and strengthen muscles. 


Don’t let the gym overwhelm you, join us for a class at BOARD30 where we take the guesswork out of exercise. For more information on our program checkout our website or book a class today!