What is Skinny Fat & What to Do About it?

woman measuring waist with measuring tape

You may have heard the term skinny fat over the past few years. Recently the term has become more popular around the fitness community. As it sounds skinny fat refers to someone who appears a healthy weight but may still have symptoms of being obese. Let’s dive into what exactly skinny fat is and what you can do about it.


What is Skinny Fat?


The term skinny fat refers to someone who appears thin but may have the same health problems as an obese individual. They will have a medically acceptable BMI and weight but will have more body fat than muscle mass. Their appearance can lead them to believe they are perfectly healthy. When in reality, the disproportionate amount of body fat can leave the person with many health problems. Like in obesity the individual may be at risk for heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and more. 


What Can You Do?


There are many steps you can take to prevent or help you from being categorized as skinny fat. The most common fix is to focus on gaining muscle mass and decreasing body fat. Weight training and high protein diets can often be beneficial. The goal is to eliminate the extra body fat and increase muscle. This may actually lead to you weighing more than when your were considered skinny fat as you gain more muscle mass. The gained muscle will weigh more than the lost fat, but your body will be much healthier.


How can BOARD30 Help?


BOARD30 offers a variety of classes that all can help you prevent skinny fat. Our unique program uses resistance bands to help build muscle and increase strength. The resistance bands allow for ease on the joints and enhance all of our classes. Our team of fitness professionals can help you along your journey and make sure you get the full benefits of your workout. To learn more about our classes check out our class schedule and website