Infused Water Recipes to Boost Your Water Intake

We all know that water is an important part of our diet and health. It makes up 60% of our body and provides for many of our body’s functions. Without it our health and well-being suffer, but many prefer a more flavorful taste. Carbonated drinks, juices, and other choices are chosen over the plain taste of water. To help we have found some flavorful infused water recipes to brighten your summer days and boost your water intake!


Summer Infused Water Recipes

Energy Increasing

a mix of oranges and pomegranates sliced in half so their seeds show

Citrus flavors can help increase not just your mood but your energy levels as well. For an energy boosting infused water combo we suggest pomegranate and orange. Not only will it look gorgeous in your glass, but it will leave your insides feeling just as good. 

1 orange slice

1 cup of pomegranate seeds

32 oz. of Water


Bloat Busting

Bloat can be a struggle for us all and make it even harder to get in our daily water intake. This cucumber and mint mix can help ease bloat and is a refreshing taste. 

1 small cucumber

2 sprigs of mint

32 oz. of water

Optional: 1/2 lime sliced


Immune Support

There has never been a better time to stay hydrate and support your immune system. This combo not only has great immune boosting properties but also acts a great natural and gentle detox too. 

1-1.4 oz. of ginger root

1 lemon squeezed

4 cups of water

Directions: Wash and peel your ginger. Slice it and place it in water in your fridge overnight. The next morning heat it in your glass of water and squeeze in your lemon. Drink a glass before breakfast and enjoy the rest throughout the day either warm or cold. 


Sleepy Time

Staying hydrated before bed and throughout the night is just as important as during the day. Lavender and blueberries are the perfect combo to put your body at ease for rest and prepare it for the next day. 

1/4 cup of blueberries

2 sprigs of lavender 

32 oz. of water


Infused water is a great way to get in your daily water intake without having to sacrifice taste or fun. At BOARD30 we know the importance water has for your fitness routine and your daily health. We hope these recipes help you increase your water intake and have a healthy happy summer!