Heart Healthy Snacking

person kneeling on white bed with red cloth heart in open hands to promote heart healthy snacking during heart month

February isn’t just about hearts because of Valentine’s Day, it’s American Heart Month! All month long we’ll be celebrating heart health at BOARD30 and encouraging you to keep you heart healthy. According to the American Heart Association most cases of heart disease are preventable with the proper lifestyle and management. This month you can make a difference not just by wearing red for awareness but by changing your habits too! We suggest a small change like your snack choices to get you on the right track. Here are some easy ways to make your snacking habits heart healthy!

Sweet, Satisfying, and Crunchy

What more could you ask for in a snack? Most snacks tend to meet at least one of the categories above. Some of us have sweet tooth, while others need something with a crunch that fills us up. Remembering these categories is a great way to test out your snacks. Instead of thinking chips for crunchy try thinking apples, pears, nuts, vegetables, or popcorn. Healthy crunches too. Fruits can be a great way to curb that sweet tooth. Try baking, freezing, or making a fruit salad with them to add a little something extra. Looking for something a little more filling? Try whole grain toast and almond butter, veggies and hummus, a smoothie, or whole grain crackers and salmon. There are a lot of healthy satisfying options!

Drinks to Boost Health

You should be drinking to help your health not hurt it. We all know water is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Water is our number one recommendation but there are some other great choices. Sparkling or flavored water can be a great way to get in your daily intake and still get some flavor. We suggest adding some cut up fruit, lemon, or cucumbers to your water for a healthy boost that tastes great. If you’re reaching for a glass of milk, opt for soy milk instead and swap that morning coffee out for some unsweetened tea! If you usually drink juice, try a probiotic version and stick to 100% real fruit juice. Of course, always look for low sodium options when it comes to food or drink. This will help cut back on your salt intake! Nutrition labels are a great tool to find out exactly what you are taking in!

At BOARD30 we want all of our clients to live a happy and healthy life! We hope you have a great February, wonderful Heart Healthy Month, and enjoy some heart healthy snacking. For more information on heart health checkout the American Heart Association’s website. For more information on BOARD30 and our studio checkout our website or call us at 303-214-5308!