How to start exercising & stick to it

If you have never jumped on the fitness bandwagon, or your workout regimen has recently slipped, here’s how to start exercising again and establish a routine you’ll actually stick with (and possibly love!)

1. Find your place

Finding a gym that fits you is the first step to your new fitness journey- it’s supposed to be a place where you can go to release stress and break a good sweat. Find a gym that works for you: close to home, affordable, fits all of your wants and needs.


2. Keep to a healthy diet

Healthy eating is about eating smart but at the same time, actually enjoying your food. If you stop focusing on the foods you cannot have, you will soon realize that you can have a lot of yummy variety in your meals.


3. Never miss a Monday

Working out on Monday means you will start the week feeling like you accomplished at least one big thing! It definitely gives you a positive vibe heading into the week and you will be less likely to skip out on any other day.


4. Create realistic goals

You will want to set some realistic goals for yourself. Set a time limit for your goals, make them meaningful, and make them specific and measurable!


5. Have fun

Plan to take a class with a friend or even a group and grab dinner after! Or spend your “happy hour” with friends at the studio instead of the bar. You will definitely be less likely to blow off your workout if you’ve committed to hanging out with your friends.


Overall, getting into a routine will definitely help you reach your goals and help you feel better overall!