Returning Safely to the Gym

people stretching at BOARD30 studio in black workout attire after returning to the gym

Last year was a long year no matter where you live. After shutdowns and quarantining we are all anxious to get back to the gym. Whether you stayed away due to personal reasons or shutdowns, returning to the gym can be confusing. A lot of gyms and studios have new rules to follow. Not to mention your own health to consider. Returning safely to the gym can be an easy process though. We have some great tips to help you confidently return safely to the gym!


Get the Rules Ahead of Time

Research your towns and gyms rules before you even set foot inside. There may be limited time slots, distancing, and more. A lot may have changed since you last visited your favorite sweaty spot. Look up your gym’s rules online or call ahead to be sure you are well-prepared for your first visit. Ask if there are any new policies and what the need-to-know things are for returning patrons. They will be more than happy to give you the run down and welcome you back.


Come Prepared

Depending on your studio’s policies a lot of their usual conveniences may not be available. Come prepared by wearing your workout gear in case locker rooms are closed or call ahead to ask. Bring your own water bottle in case water fountains and hydration stations are closed. Come prepared with your own water, headphones, and other necessities that they may not be able to provide currently.


Take it Slow

If you haven’t worked out in a gym style atmosphere in a while, it is best to start off slow. You won’t be able to jump back into your old routines without causing yourself harm. Set some realistic expectations before you arrive and listen to your body. Focus on the fact you are back moving again and let yourself regain strength. Start with a good warm-up and work your way up over the next few visits. At BOARD30 we have experienced trainers that can help you along your journey back to fitness. Whether you’ve been working out at home or not, we can guide you and help you along the way.


Keep it Clean

Each studio has their own cleaning policies but be sure to keep your own too. Wash your hands before and after working out to prevent the spread of germs. Clean any equipment you use before and after use too. Keep a distance of at least six feet from other gym goers, especially during high intensity workouts. Most importantly, choose a studio or gym you are comfortable with and feel safe going to.

At BOARD30 our experienced team is here to help you safely return to the studio. We are taking all precautions we can to keep our studios clean and our clients healthy. We cannot wait to see you in our next class! For more information or to see our class schedule visit our website!