Does Stretching Relieve Stress?

BOARD30 Arvada stretch

Stress is one of the more difficult parts of life. Unfortunately, we all seem to end up stressed about something at one point or another. Finding ways to relieve the stress is the problem. There is plenty of advice and techniques out there from meditation to working out to singing. What we want to know is can simple stretching really relieve stress?

Stretching and Stress

One thing we do know is that stress causes tension. The American Psychological Association has said that muscle tension is a common reaction to stress. Our muscles tighten to signify we are in pain and should stop doing whatever we are partaking in. The problem then comes when we find ourselves under a lot of stress and the tension builds. This can be painful and lead to tense muscles. Tense muscles are the part of stress we know to be painful. Stretching can help alleviate this pain and eliminate this added aggravation of stress.

Stretches to Relieve Stress

There are many stretches and styles of stretching that can help to alleviate stress. We’ve put together some simple ones you can do on your own.

Spin Twist:

Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Place your right hand on the back of the seat on top of the backrest. Put your left hand on right thigh, inhale and allow your spine to lengthen. Exhale and twist your torso to the right looking to your right shoulder. Repeat to the left.

Child’s Pose:

Kneel on the floor. Bring your feet together and allow your knees to create a small V-shape. Sit back keeping your butt touching or reaching towards your heels and walk your hands flat out in front of you. Keep your hands and chest low in front of you and breathe deep.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold:

Stand with your feet 3 to 4 feet apart with a soft bend in your knees. Hold your hands together behind your lower back. To make it easier hold both ends of a small towel behind your back with your palms facing you. Inhale and roll your shoulders back and down. Exhale and fold forward being sure to hinge at the hips. Move your arms forward drawing your knuckles toward the ceiling.


To relieve stress we highly suggest taking a yoga class. Our trainers here at BOARD30 are highly knowledgeable and can help guide you through class. Whether it’s your first yoga class or your hundredth yoga can be relaxing and help stretch your entire body to relieve any hidden tension.

At BOARD30 our goal is to help you work both your mind and body. We want you to leave our classes stress and tension free. Be sure to check out our class schedule to find our next yoga class or contact us for more information!