The Five S’s of Staying Motivated

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Fitness is hard for everyone. Even the perfectly sculpted people you look up to. They struggle too! The good news is we are all in it together, and we can help each other find ways to stay motivated. There are countless articles out there on how to motivate yourself to start working out but what about how to stay motivated. We have come up with the five S’s of staying motivated to help you keep going!

1. Stay Connected

Remember when we said we all struggle? Well, it’s true, and we all need a little help from time to time. Staying connected with you peers in fitness is one of the most important keys to motivation. They can encourage you to show up when you really just are not feeling it. In return, you can do the same for them. Friends can help workouts go by faster and make them more of a social event than a ‘work’ out.

2. Slow and Steady

Sometimes it is better to slow it down a bit. Slow and steady is great advice for how to start out your fitness journey, and for taking a break on an off day. When starting you should go at your own pace and build up. On an off day taking things slow can help you keep the motivation without feeling the need to overdo it. Sometimes we really do just need a break. Taking the day to do a light workout can help you still get your sweat on and keep the motivation. Taking a break to slow things down is always okay. You don’t have to give up just because of a bad day.

3. Shake Things Up

Just like you can take slow day you can also take a day to mix it up. Sometimes the same class or routine can get a little boring. Shaking things up can help breathe new life into you. Try taking a new class, inviting a new friend, or just going at a new time. Even the slightest change can make a huge difference. At BOARD30 we offer a variety of classes at different times so you can always shake things up!

4. Set Goals

Setting goals is a huge part of becoming and staying motivated. You may have set a goal when you began working out, but how long has it been since you set a new one? Set a new goal for yourself or check in on your previous one. Push yourself to achieve it and make sure it’s achievable. Goals give us something measurable to reach for and can be big motivators.

5. Self-care

You should always take care of yourself and your personal and mental health. Letting yourself get overworked or over stressed can have a negative effect on your fitness. Put your care first and be sure to take the time needed for self-care. We hope that fitness is a part of your self-care routine. We also, understand that sometimes self-care means taking a day to yourself. Be sure to allow yourself to de-stress while working out and remember this time is for you!

At BOARD30 we use a high-energy experience to train the whole body. We offer a variety of classes from HIIT style to yoga to keep you motivated and give you options. Our trainers are experienced and here to guide you on your fitness journey. For more information on our classes or training style visit our website or contact us at 303-214-5308!