Tom Brady’s Fitness Secret: Resistance Bands

football on field

It is no secret Tom Brady is an amazing athlete. At the age of 43 he has won his seventh Super Bowl ring and doesn’t appear to be stopping there. Athletes and everyday people a like look to him for fitness advice. They wonder how he stays in such good physical and mental shape at his age. Brady is all too happy to share the secret to his fitness success. For years Tom Brady’s fitness secret has been resistance bands. 

Tom Brady & Resistance Bands

Brady believes resistance bands are an essential part of any workout routine. He has created his own method and workout company based on their benefits and his own personal routine. TB12 uses various resistance bands to create something he and his trainer Alex Guerrero call ‘muscle pliability’. Muscle pliability is the form of training that converts muscles into veritable shock absorbers. He stresses the importance of ‘soft’ muscle verses dense muscle when it comes to staying fresh in long difficult seasons. Resistance bands are known to help increase range of motion, build muscle and strength, and increase flexibility. 

Tom Brady reportedly gave up weights seven years ago in favor of resistance bands and body weight resistance. He must be doing something right because he continues to dominate on the football field. Resistance bands use the natural movement of your body unlike many machines. This helps eliminate inflammation and create a calmer and more peaceful workout experience. 

Resistance Bands at BOARD30

At BOARD30 we know exactly why Brady loves resistance bands because we do too! We use resistance bands to create whole body workouts for athletes of all levels. The same results Brady sees are the ones we see and strive for in our clients and ourselves. Bands allow clients of all ages and backgrounds to get in a full low impact workout without irritating joints or over straining muscles. We’ve created fun and entertaining classes to make resistance bands fun and unique. From cardio to HIIT training we’ve incorporated bands in it all!

You’ll love the benefits of resistance bands and all they have to offer. Join us at BOARD30 and discover the fitness secret Tom Brady discovered years ago! For more information on our classes visit our website and for more information on Tom Brady’s method visit the TB12 site!