How to Embrace a New Workout Routine

So, let’s be honest – working out can be tough enough and committing to an actual routine is a whole different ball game. Going to a workout class can sound super intimidating, but your perspective can change if you find a workout you love doing. When committing to a new routine, you must overcome the initial reaction: FEAR! Once you kickstart and dedicate a few days a week to Board 30, you will find motivation through social support and new connections you’ve made here.

A great goal for 2020 is simple: sweat more and enjoy the workout you are doing. Throughout this winter season, put to rest the idea that workouts are intimidating. At Board 30, there is no judgment! We are all about consistency, helping you to better yourself, and having fun. Our instructors are here to put a smile on your face, help you to become more mentally strong, and most of all, learn how to consistently persevere without fear of failure or self-judgment.

BOARD30 is fitness for every body! The concise and powerful, low-impact system recruits more muscle groups than any traditional form of strength training. Just 30 minutes will have you seeing a fit and balanced body! You can even try your first class free! To learn more or check out our program visit our website or call 303-214-5308!

We hope to see you at a Board 30 class soon!