How to Fit Workouts Into Your Busy Schedule

Workouts for Busy Schedules

You are not alone; we all have busy schedules and it can be difficult to schedule time for workouts. Work, school, friends, family, kids, the list can go on and on, so dedicating a time to workout regularly can sometimes be put on a backburner behind other responsibilities. Here is a list of strategies to fit a workout into your schedule.

Make Your Workouts Efficient

In order to save time, you will have to expel more energy in a shorter time period. A popular form of exercise uses HIIT, which is high intensity interval training. HIIT moves involve cardio and reps to really make you sweat in the fastest most efficient way. Efficient workouts can also be found in class settings, class workouts eliminate waste in a workout section, such as wandering around a gym between sets trying to decide on what exercise to do next.

Do Workouts You Enjoy

The great thing about being busy, we always manage to find time for things we enjoy. Therefore, a good strategy to employ when picking an exercise to fit your busy schedule, is to pick something you have fun while doing. It is easy to quit and make excuses if you hate running on a treadmill, but perhaps an engaging class environment or a weekly tennis match can be a first step to getting active around your schedule.

Make A Reasonable Schedule

Nobody knows your schedule better than you, so an important step to fitting exercise into your schedule is actually fitting exercise into your schedule. Block off a time in the morning or find a class that allows you to sign up for a guaranteed spot.

Track Physical Activity

A strategy to help figure out your workout plans is tracking your physical activity. You can use smartwatches to set and track fitness goals. There also apps and different online charts you can download to hold yourself accountable.

To effectively fit an exercise routine into your schedule you should find an efficient workout that allows you to break a sweat quickly, a fun workout that you can stick to, scheduled workout periods, and the ability keep yourself accountable for your workout activity. If you are searching for a workout class that checks all these boxes, consider Board30 Arvada. Board30 Arvada is a full body, high intensity, and low impact fitness class that uses resistance body boards. Our website allows you to find and book the classes that fit into your schedule, and this engaging class environment will make you want to come back time after time. A consistent rotating class schedule allows you to reach your monthly workout goals. For more information, take a look at our classes page, or give us a call at 303-214-5308.